Have Mini, Will Travel

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Summer jetsetters, this one’s for you! Receive our Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray in a complimentary travel size.


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Enchanted by the Galápagos Islands and the American flamingos that call the archipelago home, our founders, Anna and Fabian, partnered with nonprofit organization Ecoagents to create The Pink Flamingos Project

Feel the Love: Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray

Posted on in Beauty in a Bottle by Rahua Beauty

Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray—the newest launch from Rahua by Amazon Beauty begins and ends with a love story. Ten years ago, Rahua founders Anna and Fabian honeymooned on the wondrous Galapagos Islands, where they fell in love with the flora, fauna, and beauty of the enchanted archipelago.

Say goodbye to color fade, naturally, with the newest introduction from Rahua by Amazon Beauty. Rahua Color Full™ Hair Care System launches this month, formulated to protect, preserve, and enhance the full spectrum of color-treated tresses.

The Power of Human Touch

Posted on in Rituals by Rahua Beauty

Human touch, ranging from a mother’s loving embrace to a pat on the back for a job well done, can set your world right and bring on an overall sense of wellbeing.

Co-Washing Benefits and Perfect Curl Tips

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The co-washing phenomenon has taken the curly-girl world by storm, and for good reason. Eschewing shampoo in favor of washing only with conditioner leaves curly hair soft, manageable, and ready for natural styling.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthful Ingredients

Posted on in Origins by Rahua Beauty

Amazon Beauty and Rahua firmly believe that if an ingredient is healthy to eat, it must also be healthy to use on your hair or skin. Turns out that many super foods provide amazing hair and skin benefits.

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