When the worlds of Amazon Beauty founders Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers merged, they become devoted life partners with shared environmental and business interests. Amazon Beauty grew from their commitment to creating luxurious, highly effective, natural beauty products, and from their roles as environmental activists, dedicated to preserving the ecological treasures of the Amazon Rainforest.


Fabian, a New York City hairstylist, who grew up in a family of hairdressers in Ecuador, loved the lush, magical flora of the rainforest. But when he discovered that an oil company had filled a beloved pond with cement, he took action and formed Ecoagents, an NGO dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest, its people and their culture.


While working with Ecoagents in the forest, Fabian was introduced to a beauty secret of the Quechua tribal women. A natural oil, called Rahua, which was derived from the ungurahua nut, kept the women’s long hair healthy and shiny. The women even demonstrated an informal ritual where they applied the oil to each other’s hair.


“I was on an environmental mission deep in the Amazon forest when a group of women with very long hair approached me. As a hairdresser, I was astonished by the length and health of their beautiful tresses. I asked them their secret, and they told me it was Rahua. I had heard of the legendary Rahua oil growing up, but it wasn’t until I brought it back to my salon in New York that I realized its potency. Research followed, a product line was developed, and Amazon Beauty and the Rahua product line was born.”


A fashion designer by training, and a trend forecaster by profession, Anna Ayers always treasured the rich colors and textures found in natural environments. Her passion for fashion and beauty has taken her from her hometown in Georgia, to New York City, to the Amazon Rainforest. While working with Ecoagents in the rainforest, she fell in love with the people and rich plant life and felt a deep commitment to help the Quechua people develop a sustainable business.


“The inspiration for Amazon Beauty and Rahua beauty products is the Amazon Rainforest. After my and Fabian’s worlds came together, we found common inspiration from nature—lush green forests, fresh air, biodiversity, colorful and rich Amazonia. We believe in the power and the beauty of nature. My passion is to harness this beauty from nature and the rainforest and to share a rich experience with the world in the form of thoughtful beauty products.”


Born of a passion for beauty, natural ingredients and ecological preservation, Amazon Beauty and the Rahua product line present ecological treasures from the lush Amazon that produce healthy, superior benefits for hair and body.


As the husband and wife team say, “Beauty is Power.”