Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Rahua?
A - The Rahua (ra-wa) name is derived from the rare Ungurahua nut, found in the Amazon Rainforest. Rahua and Ungurahua oils are potent treatments, highly effective for repairing dry, damaged hair, resulting in healthy and lustrous hair.

Q - What can I expect when first trying Rahua products?
A - You can expect clean, shiny, soft and lustrous hair with the peace of mind knowing you achieved results naturally.

Q - Is Rahua a 100% natural and organic product?
A - Yes, our products are free of petro-chemicals, and the organic ingredients used are certified by the USDA.

Q - I noticed you use Symbiotic ingredients in your products, can you tell me more?
A - The symbiotic ingredients in Rahua products are found deep within the virgin Rainforest and are dependent upon the naturally occurring cycle of life, uninterrupted by human development, pesticides, or pollutants. These ingredients are hand- processed by native tribes, in symbiosis with the wild.  More info here.

Q - What makes Rahua different from other oil-based hair products?
A - Other oil-based products use chemical fillers and silicones, which coat your hair, providing a short-term results.  Rahua products are made with pure oils and 100% natural ingredients.  Rahua oil has an extraordinarily small molecular structure, which deeply penetrates the hair, bonding to and repairing the cortex, while smoothing the cuticle to create lustrous and healthy hair.

Q - Are Rahua products vegan?
A - Yes, all Rahua products are all 100% vegan.  Amazon Beauty, maker of Rahua, is committed to preserving both animal and plant life and the environments in which they live.

Q - Does Rahua test products on animals?
A - Rahua does not test products on animals, nor use any animal proteins in the making of our products. 

Q - Are Rahua products Gluten-free and why?
A - Yes, Rahua products are Gluten-free.  We discovered that Quinoa, a super-food from the Andes Mountains, has a small, molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate deeper, strengthening your hair and improving elasticity.  Those with gluten sensitivities can use our products without worry.

Q - My hair is fine, will Rahua products weigh my hair down?
A - No, Rahua products won’t weigh your hair down. Our 100% natural and organic ingredients will nourish, strengthen and restore hair’s health, providing shine, volume and bounce.

Q - What will Rahua products do for extra curly hair?
A - Extra curly hair can be unruly; Rahua products provide superior control and manageability.  The potent oils improve texture and softness, giving your hair more pliability and you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve used natural ingredients to achieve results.

Q - Are Rahua products good for Asian hair?
A - Yes, Rahua products are great for Asian hair.  The Classic Collection is great for hair that needs treatment, and the Voluminous Collection gently cleanses hair so thoroughly that it takes on a slight bend, allowing it to hold styles better and increases overall workability.

Q - Why is the Rahua Classic Conditioner so thick?
A - The classic conditioner formula is designed to be a double-duty product.  First, as a styling cream, providing hold, but also as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

Q - Are Rahua products pH balanced?
A - Yes. Rahua’s products have a pH of 4.5 – 5.5, which is the same range found in healthy hair and skin, making it an excellence choice for color-treated hair.

Q - How do Rahua products improve dry or damaged hair?
A - Dry, damaged hair is very porous, making it easy to break. Tiny Rahua molecules find and fill these porous areas, strengthening, restoring and beautifying even the most damaged hair.

Q - Is Rahua safe for color-treated hair? 
A - Rahua is especially nourishing for processed and color-treated hair because it doesn’t strip your color.

Q - Is Rahua safe to use on children’s hair?
A - Yes. Rahua is made with 100% all natural ingredients and is safe to use on everyone’s hair in your entire family, including young children. 

Q - Are Rahua products safe to use while pregnant or nursing?
A - Yes.  Rahua contains ingredients that are 100% natural and organic, and the mild fragrance soothes the senses.

Q - Are sulfates bad for my hair?
A - Yes. Sulfates are found in most shampoos and cleansers that produce lather or suds, which strips away healthy oils from your scalp and may cause dry scalp, dandruff or frizzy, dehydrated hair.  Rahua products contain zero sulfates and an abundance of nourishing oils to hydrate and heal your hair and scalp. 

Q - Are parabens harmful?
A - Yes. Parabens are the most widely used chemicals to preserve beauty products.  In research, parabens have been linked to illness and disease.  Rahua uses an all-natural preservation system to increase the shelf life of our products, including 100% natural Palo Santo oil.

Q - You don’t use synthetic perfumes, why?
A - We believe synthetic ingredients are harmful to your health.  Rahua uses only natural scents, including Palo Santo and other essential oils.

Q - Are Rahua products Sustainable?
A - Yes. Our signature oils are sourced through Amazonian tribes who’ve passed down their ancestral knowledge through generations to ensure the natural environment and cycle of life is preserved, maintaining our company’s sustainable principle.

Q - By using Rahua how do I help preserve the Rainforest?
A - By embracing a sustainable beauty routine and using 100% natural and organic Rahua products, you’ll produce less waste, prevent chemicals from entering our eco-system and encourage sustainable consumption of Earth’s resources.  Rahua is proud to produce products that help you achieve beautiful and lasting results by using only the best ingredients while honoring plant, animal and human life within the Rainforest and beyond.