Stressed Tresses? Here’s How to Detox Your Hair

Posted on in Rituals by Rahua Beauty

Do you detox your hair? If not, it’s a good time to start! A good detox treatment is like hitting the refresh button for your hair and scalp. Learn more about the benefits and kick off the season with a clean slate.

To Co-Wash or Not to Co-Wash

Posted on in Rituals by Rahua Beauty

This conditioner-only cleansing trend has women everywhere putting down the shampoo. Learn if it’s time to change the way you wash your hair—but not so fast. Read this first before tossing your shampoo.

How to Get Easy Frizz-Free Hair

Posted on in Rituals by Rahua Beauty

Feel like you’re fighting the battle of the frizz? We hear you—and we have anti-frizz solutions for all hair types! From our Cream Wax to our luxe Elixir Drops, find out which products will work best on your hair, along with expert tips on how to use them.

3 Easy DIY Summer Hairstyles

Posted on in Rituals by Pablo Aguilar-Lliguin

It’s hot out there. And if you’re like us, the hotter it is the less we want to have to fuss with our hair. Read on for a step-by-step guide to creating three DIY summer ‘dos. The secret ingredient: Our Enchanted Salt Spray.

Happy 150th, Canada!

Posted on in Global Perspective by Pablo Aguilar-Lliguin

We now ship to all Canadian provinces and territories! Plus, we’re celebrating Canada 150 with a special gift: Our Enchanted Island Salt Spray in a complimentary travel size.

Have Mini, Will Travel

Posted on in Style Beauty in a Bottle by Rahua Beauty

Summer jetsetters, this one’s for you! Receive our Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray in a complimentary travel size.


Posted on in Rituals by Rahua Beauty

Enchanted by the Galápagos Islands and the American flamingos that call the archipelago home, our founders, Anna and Fabian, partnered with nonprofit organization Ecoagents to create The Pink Flamingos Project

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