Dedicated to creating luxurious beauty products with the most natural and healthful ingredients possible, Rahua by Amazon Beauty founders Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers have heightened their commitment to earth-friendly ingredients by creating a new cosmetic category—Symbiotic®. Ingredients that merit the label of Symbiotic® are not only all natural and organic, but also grown in a virgin forest or rainforest and processed by indigenous people using traditional hand-made practices.

For example, the Rahua and Sacha Inchi oils used in Rahua products are grown in South American rainforests and harvested by indigenous tribal people who use centuries-old methods to transform this natural bounty into potent, clean and highly effective beauty ingredients.

In order for an ingredient to be classified as “Symbiotic®,” three factors must be present:

  1. Ingredient must be rainforest grown (wild) in undisturbed virgin forests.
  2. The ingredient must be harvest and prepared using indigenous knowledge by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment.
  3. Ingredients must be purchased at a more that fair price to build economies and empower the indigenous people.

The word symbiosis is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as “the relationship between two different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other.” This exactly describes the bond between Rahua’s natural ingredients and the indigenous people who harvest them. Symbiotic® ingredients benefit the land, native people, and Rahua’s customers.

“These virgin environments from where we obtain our ingredients have existed untouched by modern men for thousands of years. It is a miracle that they have never been farmed, genetically modified, or saturated with pesticides,” stated Fabian, who grew up near the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. “The plants in these environments have absorbed the best of the virgin jungles, like all the wild creatures there, resulting in superior ingredients, which some call ‘miracle ingredients.’”

Fueled by their strong belief in the power of the natural ingredients, Fabian and Anna created the Symbiotic® category to help preserve and support the rainforests and the people that maintain them. “In order to keep obtaining these miracle ingredients, it is important to preserve virgin environments and stop destruction of the jungle by modern men. When we maintain the jungle, we also strengthen the financial and legal situations of the indigenous people who have lived there for several millennia,” said Fabian.

Anna and Fabian point out that benefits of the Symbiotic® category include:

  • Creating awareness of the importance of the jungles and the forces that threaten them.
  • Strengthening the legal position of the jungles’ indigenous inhabitants.
  • End users of products that contain Symbiotic ingredients see and feel the benefits and learn about the potency of virgin environments.

An ingredient that benefits indigenous people, natural rainforests, and beauty consumers is a win-win-win situation. And as naturally derived ingredients, those labeled Symbiotic® have not only have a non-existent carbon footprint, but actually reduce the carbon footprint as these practices sustain the forest. Beauty is Power, and in the case of Symbiotic®, it is power for all.