Say goodbye to color fade, naturally, with the newest introduction from Rahua by Amazon Beauty. Rahua Color Full™ Hair Care System launches this month, formulated to protect, preserve, and enhance the full spectrum of color-treated tresses.

Luxurious Gift Sets With Purpose

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Share your passion for luxury and the environment this holiday season with eco-luxe gifts from Rahua by Amazon Beauty that are natural, 100% plant derived, lush, plush, and simply divine to use.

Get Undone Style with Freestyle Texturizer

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Its all about using the right tools when it comes to styling your hair at home, and Rahua by Amazon Beauty has just expanded your tool box. Launching now, Rahua Freestyle Texturizer is a natural, 100% plant derived and organic solution for blow-out free, tousled locks, and easy as pie texture, volume, and hold.

Autumn Rhapsody

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With summer a faint memory and fall in full swing, now is the time to prepare for the upcoming cold months. Seasonal changes can affect mind, body, and, of course, our wardrobes. Read on for a few tips on how to enjoy all that autumn has to offer. 

Renew & Refresh For Fall

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We savor our beach and pool time during the summer but unfortunately chlorine, salt and sun can wreak havoc on hair.  Enter Rahua's new Detox & Renewal Treatment, available now and just in time to clarify and nourish tired summer locks.  Hair and scalp get a fresh start with this innovative two-use treatment that's 100% plant derived and perfect for color-treated hair. Mix Rahua's rainforest-grown oil blend into the rich cream base and apply to hair for 30 minutes. Toxins are pushed out and what's left is healthy hair with renewed softness and shine.



Embracing the Rebellious Curl

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Women across the globe are putting down their hair straighteners and flat irons in favor of their hair’s intrinsic grace and texture. Now, Rahua by Amazon Beauty® will help you embrace your hair’s natural curl with confidence and control thanks to its latest product introduction, Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler.

Tousled and Refreshed

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Surfer girl, beach casual, or simply windswept, tousled locks have become a summer staple for good reason. They look great on the beach, city streets, and the runway. Saltwater makes this look a no-brainer, but easy breezy waves can be yours anytime with the right product. Rahua Voluminous Hair Refresher is a natural hair volumizer and styling aid that can help tousle your locks in the city or shore.

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