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Amazon Beauty and Rahua firmly believe that if an ingredient is healthy to eat, it must also be healthy to use on your hair or skin. Turns out that many super foods provide amazing hair and skin benefits.

Dedicated to creating luxurious beauty products with the most natural and healthful ingredients possible, Rahua by Amazon Beauty founders Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers have heightened their commitment to earth-friendly ingredients by creating a new cosmetic category—Symbiotic®. Ingredients that merit the label of Symbiotic® are not only 100% natural and organic, but also grown in a virgin forest or rainforest and processed by indigenous people using traditional hand-made practices.

The Healing Secrets of Sacha Inchi

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When it comes to choosing safe and healthy skin care ingredients, beginning with those that are good to eat as well as good to apply topically is a great place to start. Sacha inchi, a star in the Rahua by Amazon Beauty lineup, works to keep skin elastic, soft, and fight environmental aggressors, but also dates back 3,000 years as a food source in the Amazon rainforest.

Palo Santo: A Saintly Scent

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It’s name alone takes you to exotic places. Palo santo—holy wood in Spanish—is a tall tropical tree that has been used for centuries by South American shamans to heal body, soul and mind. Like other fragrant trees— it’s related to both frankincense and myrrh—the sweet and citric scent of palo santo is otherworldly. It’s also the signature fragrance of Rahua hair and body products.

All About Rahua Oil

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The Amazon rainforest is filled with jewels, from delicious eatable mushrooms and high protein roots to amazing energizing and medicinal herbs, and, of course, ungurahua, the inspiration for Rahua hair and body care.

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