Human touch, ranging from a mother’s loving embrace to a pat on the back for a job well done, can set your world right and bring on an overall sense of wellbeing.

Wrapping us in an aura of warmth and sensuality, there is no doubt that hugs, cuddles, and massage have an immediate effect, but human touch also has long-term benefits by reducing the impact of stress and tension and even boosting our immune systems.

What better way to satisfy our “skin hunger" than by a loving massage? It’s a most sensual form of non-verbal communication that connects us with our environment, our emotions, and each other. Effleurage, as lovely to experience as to say, is a light and soothing massage that barely skims the surface of the skin, yet relaxes and heals.

Rahua Amazon Body OilPhoto Credit: Urban Retreat

Set the scene for a sensual evening with a scented candle, delicious wine, and aromatic massage oil. Rahua Body Amazon Oil heightens the sensuality of human touch with the brand’s signature scent, Palo Santo—holy wood in Spanish—used for centuries by South American shamans to heal body, soul, and mind. A splash of lavender is blended with Palo Santo, creating an otherworldly, aromatherapeutic experience that evokes calm and relaxation.

Used with light massage, the oil intensifies the sensuality of the skin-to-skin experience. The magical Amazon-made trio of Rahua, Sacha Inchi, and Morete (Buriti) oils nourishes and moisturizes skin while adding to the pleasure of massage.

The application is simple: warm five sprays of Body Amazon Oil in your hand then apply to your loved one’s body—back, shoulders, arms, legs. Surprise a friend with a simple hand massage and watch tension flee in minutes.

We all crave human touch. With Rahua Amazon Body Oil, embraces and massage become a sensual and healing experience.