We’re bursting with gratitude this Thanksgiving week. It’s a mindset we carry throughout the year, but we love how the holiday gives us such a joyous reminder to express gratitude for the people and moments that make life’s journey so wonderful.


To honor the true spirit of the holiday (and before friends and family arrive!) here are the three things we’re most thankful for this year.


1. Mother Nature.

We couldn’t do what we do without Mother Nature.


“We are thankful to Mother Nature for giving us everything we need from air to good foods, for her bounty and for being our inspiration. Thanks to her abundance and her precious resources, which we never take for granted, that we’re able to share the treasures of the Amazon Rainforest with you in each of our plant-derived beauty products, created to bring you the best in natural body and hair care.”—Amazon Beauty® founders Anna Ayers and Fabian Lliguin.


Environmentalists dedicated to preserving our planet’s resources, our founders Anna and Fabian created a standard to make sure that our products are among the most effective and sustainable on the market. Rahua products are made with Symbiotic® ingredients that are grown in virgin rainforests and processed by hand using traditional methods passed down for centuries by Amazonian tribes.


2. Our partners.

We are eternally grateful to the women of our partner tribes. These indigenous tribeswomen hand-produce our signature Rahua oil, and we compensate them generously for the ceremonial traditions used to harvest the nuts and prepare the oil. The result is a respectful partnership that preserves the Amazonian way of life and their native lands.


We’re also thankful for Ecoagents®, our nonprofit partner in The Pink Flamingos Project. Together, we work with Galápagos local inhabitants to keep the pink flamingos’ natural habitat in the Galápagos Islands free of plastic bottles and other harmful debris. A portion of the proceeds from our Enchanted Island Salt Spray™ goes to this important cleanup effort, and we’re committed to continuing this support in 2018.


3. You.

We’re incredibly grateful to you, our customers and our readers. By supporting Rahua products us, you’re supporting local Amazon Rainforest communities and helping to preserve their culture. You’re also contributing to sustainable growth and development. You can help us further this mission—and say thank you to your loved ones—by giving the gift of plant-derived Amazon Beauty, from our brand-new mini hair duos to our nutrient-rich body care collection.


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!