At Rahua, we believe that beauty is power. It’s a tool that has the ability to renew confidence in our gorgeous selves, inside and out. Sometimes, this means going for a fresh face or playing up our natural hair, curly or straight. Other times, it means trying a makeup look that’s full-on glam or a hairstyle that’s totally unexpected. Mother Earth can teach us a thing or two about shaking things up, especially today, on the first day of fall. We’re excited for the dramatic changes autumn brings, and in that spirit, we think it’s time to do something daring and fun. Cue the color revamp! Have you been dreaming of reaching for the platinum blonde hair dye? Ready to book a salon appointment to turn your tresses bright blue or brilliant rose gold? Did the rose quartz hair on the runway at Alexander Wang’s show during New York Fashion Week catch your eye? It’s prime time for a transformation.


Once you’ve chosen your favorite shade (we love them all!), it’s important to think about post-treatment TLC to protect your investment. To make pigments last as long as possible, the products you use should be color-safe, and that’s where our Color Full system comes in. This shampoo, conditioner and hair mask trio prolongs fading and fortifies color-treated hair. How these plant-derived products work together is a mix of Rainforest-grown ingredients and nature-based science.


Think positive.

When hair dye hits your strands, it creates a negative ion charge. That’s because the chemical process opens up the cuticle to deposit the color pigments, leaving hair a bit rough to the touch and vulnerable to fading. This is where the power of Rahua oil is harnessed. Our signature oil is packed with positively charged omega-9 molecules, which helps push pigment molecules deeper into strands to prolong fading.


Brighten up.

Amazonian lilac clay covers the hair shaft with a translucent lilac color that neutralizes over-saturated reds, yellows and blues. This prevents blonde tones from turning brassy, reds from losing their vibrancy and darker shades from losing their depth.

 Agnes Lloyd Platt

Photo by Agnes Llyod Platt

Shine on.

With its high molecular weight, morete oil stretches over each strand, enveloping hair color and creating a perfectly smooth surface. Not only does this surface act as a barrier against oxidation and environmental elements, but it also reflects light, infusing hair with vibrancy and shine.


There’s no guesswork required: Our Color Full system works on all shades of color-treated or highlighted hair. Use the shampoo and conditioner each time you wash your hair, and use the mask, formulated with antioxidant-rich hibiscus flower extract to keep strands vibrant and glossy, once a week. Headed on a trip? Take the shampoo and conditioner with you in these travel-friendly sizes.

Opening image by Pin Lyu