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Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit
Christy Giuliano (West Palm Beach, Florida, United States)
Customized hair care

The best shampoos and conditioners love them all just luxurious the only hair care products I use 💚💚💚

Hydration Shampoo Refill
KW (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Love this shampoo. The refill is a smart option!

I use this shampoo and follow with the Hydration Conditioner. As a duo, these products work wonders for my fine and sensitive hair; I love how too much of this is actually a good thing. This time I chose to purchase the refill package; Glad it is an option to choose to do a small part for the environment. It all adds up! The transfer from the refill to the bottle was easy and straight-forward. Make sure the original bottle is empty, because Rahua measured the refill precisely. Additionally, the smell is a delight. I receive complements when giving a hug or when someone gets close to my hair.

Hydration Conditioner
KW (Los Angeles, California, United States)
The best conditioner for my hair!

I follow with this conditioner after using the Hydration Shampoo. As a duo, these products work wonders for my fine and sensitive hair; I love how too much of this is actually a good thing. Additionally, the smell is a delight. I receive complements when giving a hug or someone gets close to my hair.

Classic Shampoo
KW (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Good for once in a while.

This shampoo strips any oils or build-up and great for a deeper clean at the scalp. However, it leaves my hair quite dry and stripped of natural oils. Therefore, I have to follow using a good amount of the hydrating conditioner. ~ I will use this shampoo as-needed for those moments my hair needs a deeper cleanse. I love the smell and it does its job well. For me, I only need it every now and then because my hair is fine and sensitive. If you have thicker hair, it might be worth using more frequently.

Marisela Rojas (Port Morris, New York, United States)
Lush Vacay Minis!

I recently got my hair balayaged and my hair is in need of a little extra oomph- more shine and hydration. This duo brought on both! Perfect for daily maintenance and even better for my weekend summer getaways! LOVE the enchanted island collection. Smells like a mystical island 💖

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Nimol Fuller (Laredo, Texas, United States)

Your customer service is amazing. Thank you for helping resolve my issues. I have always enjoyed your shampoo and conditioner. Thank you.

Shower Gel
Paul Corl

I have finally found a body wash that does not dry my skin out, thank you so much and I appreciate the symbiotic ingredients. Truly wonderful.

Shower Gel
Amanda B. (Seattle, Washington, United States)
Great product!

Very moisturizing and love the scent.

Smoothing Hair Balm
Jessica S (Dubuque, Iowa, United States)
Love it!

Got this for my dry ends and frizz and it works wonderfully. I love how smooth and easy it is to apply. The smell is also quite nice!

Voluminous Refill Set
Mansi (Enfield, England, United Kingdom)
Love it!

It had really helped to increase the growth of my hair, it works and it is 100% natural so I am not worried about consuming any chemicals or synthetics substances that can damage my health in any way.
I was using many other brands for my hair and it really caused a lot of hair with rahua I am able to get back the natural hair growth for strong hair that I had from a young age.
Great product. Love it for life.

Heat Protectant Shield Travel Size
Nichole B (Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota, United States)

Have been looking for a clean heat protectant and this will definitely be staying!

Aloe Vera Hair Gel
Nichole B (Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota, United States)
Aloe Vera hair gel

Love the aloe Vera hair gel. I have fine hair so normally do t like any product in it as all tends to weigh it down creating a lifeless look. This product however is amazing, super volume not sticky, doesn’t feel like anything is in my hair at all!

Curl Rituals
Heather Gacey (Sahuarita, Arizona, United States)
Love it

Good shampoo and conditioner, but what I really love is the Control Cream. It works to hold my loose curls after I’ve washed my hair, plus it smells amazing, sort of an almost buttery citrus. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Heather H (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)
Feels Good

My daughter use this product and told me about it. I love the fragrance for one but I also love the way it makes my scalp feel. And my hair shows the shine.

Derianne Garcia (Pompano Beach, Florida, United States)
Great Smell!

Shampoo smells great, conditioner not so much. Leaves hair feeling clean and healthy!

Omega 9 Hair Mask
Bridget Liggins (San Francisco, California, United States)
My hair never detangled so fast!!

My past deep conditioners and hair masks have never worked as well as this one! After I rinse it out, I was able to style my hair quicker than I ever have been able to! And it didn’t take a lot (half the bottle, but I have long thick hair). I usually need the whole container of whatever product I use and it still has never worked as well as this product!

Jen Murray (Seattle, Washington, United States)
My hair looks amazing

Definitely my favorite Rahua product now.

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Tatum Lenahan (San Clemente, California, United States)
In my eyes a Miracle Shampoo for my Psoriasis!

I suffer from severe psoriatic arthritis and it has spread to my scalp for a year now with the only “cure” is an injectable medicine. Well, I wanted to go a more holistic route and changed my body wash and hair care products to all organic, natural ingredients. The Rahua Scalp Exfoliator has honestly helped when I can super itchy scalp and after I wash my hair and scalp with this it’s like a huge relief. It helps relieve the pain of itching and flakiness that comes with that and just simply REVIVES my spirit because I feel normal again. Thank you for creating an amazing product that has become a part of my hair ritual.

Leave-In Treatment
Nancy Lipner (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
A really nice product

I've been using this in place of my other leave-ins, including one from Rahua, since I got it a few weeks ago. It is very nourishing to the hair - I have a lot of 3A, fine curly hair, so I try not to use too much, since it could weigh my hair down, but so far it's been quite lovely to use. Very light scent (which is good since I'm sensitive to scents), which dissipates and no allergic response by me. I'm really happy to have found this.

Leave-In Treatment
Janice Powers (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States)
Replaced 100 hair products

I have tried everything for my fine curly hair that I often blow dry straight. I found some photos from 2014 and my hair looked INCREDIBLE. After digging through my emails saw that I was using Rahua from 2012 - 2014. I have done 2 wash days with the Classic line this week and it is hair love. No snapping during the blow dry, no frizziness at all! The leave in is a triple threat: heat protectant, uv shield, moisture, shine, protection and a smooth luxurious finish. All I will use going forward, I lost years of great hair but I am back!

Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment
Miss Gee (Winter Park, Florida, United States)
Expensive, but worth it.

It smells great, and has been helping more than other products to heal my color treated ends.

Voluminous Shampoo
Martha Elena Leon Estrada (Jilotepec de Molina Enriquez, México, Mexico)
I discovered this wonderful shampoo in NY as a sample.

For 3 years my hair has become shinny and I ´m super happy and recomend it everyone! The top of the best!

Classic Shampoo Refill
Maria Cardona (Longmont, Colorado, United States)



This dry shampoo is the FIRST dry shampoo that makes my hair look better the next day! My hair is fine and typically after a few hours of other dry shampoo by hair would look oily and greasy at the roots. With Rahua my hair looks better for days!!!!!

Omega 9 Hair Mask
Britt F. (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Game Changer

I’ve been using all Rahua for the past two years and have been very happy with my hair. On a whim I tried this product and finally just used it. Wow. My mom was the first to comment how beautiful and healthy my hair looked. My husband later saw it and said the same. I woke up this morning and it was even better: shiny, bouncy, and so healthy looking. I used it in lieu of conditioner in my morning routine yesterday and this photo is the next day. This is my favorite rahua purchase to date.