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Hi Bo, We've received your review in regards to our best-selling Classic Shampoo! Thank you for your feedback. We are are saddened to hear you didn't enjoy your first experience with Rahua products. We would have loved to help guide you into your first purchase so you got the products that match your hairs needs as well as goals. If you plan to purchase with us again (we hope you do) know that we have our customer service rep's that are more than happy to help you out via the chat box in the bottom right corner of our website. These hair experts will ask you questions about your hair and your goals and then give you product recommendations based on your responses. If you would like I would be happy to help you via email as well. We have 4 Daily Care Collections total, all with different formulas and producing different results. There is a combination out there for everyone as we have seen it with many happy customers world wide. Everyone has a scent preference they prefer. Palo Santo is the scent you are smelling in the Classic Shampoo. This is a very distinct earthy scent that most people enjoy but some are not very fond of. As you may notice the Palo Santo scent (in many reviews) is one of the favorite qualities of this formula. It's just personal preference, and thats why I can assure you that all 4 Daily Care Collections provide a variety of scents using plant ingredients to fit with your preferences. Classic=Earthy Palo Santo Hydration=Tropical Passion Fruit and Mango Voluminous=Refreshing Citric Juices, Green Tea, and Lemon Grass Color Full= Fresh Gardenia Again, we are sorry to hear your initial order with us wasn't what you were expecting, we would love to make you and your hair happy the best way we can so please let us know if you would like any additional information by reaching out to
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Awesome product - a little goes a long way!
beautiful natural soft scent that makes u zen