Rahua body oil


Prep your skin for this summer's smoothest skin ever!  Smooth and soothe for a healthy, luminous glow with Rahua Body Oila dreamy, lightweight, dry oil mist. 

Created with potent, rainforest grown ingredients including antioxidants-rich Guayusa, a rainforest grown plant extract that reduces free radical damage; this powerful oil mist is deeply hydrating and helps restore, nourish and moisturize dry skin. 

Give your skin what it craves! Rahua is food for your skin, packed with vital nutrients: omega proteins, antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamins C and E.

Mist our lightweight body oil all over dry or damp skin and massage in for instant hydration, tone and glow; plus check out these Body Oil hacks for your Smoothest Skin Ever!

1) For an easy, razor glide shave, skip the cream and apply Rahua Body Oil pre-shave to lubricate and soften hair, before entering the shower.  Apply post-shave to nourish, and leave skin glowing.

2) Use as a pre dry brushing moisturizer to help repair dry skin while lightly exfoliating and detoxing.  Use after dry brushing for additional moisture.  Made from pure, natural sisal, this one by Goop is our favorite!

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