Green color leaves of a tree from rahua raniforest


We use something special in our Voluminous Shampoo to achieve its beautiful emerald green color. Packed with powerful nutrients, chlorophyll is the ingredient that makes plants green! Constantly innovating, we intensified the chlorophyll in our voluminous shampoo formula to achieve the beautiful green color, and to bring you even healthier hair with body and bounce.


What is Chlorophyll?
Chlorophyll is a green pigment, found in the chloroplasts of plates, that is vital for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is as a primary source of oxygen that also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. During this photosynthesis, plants absorb energy from light and turn it into food. Without chlorophyll, photosynthesis would not be able to take place and plants would not be able to grow or remove poisonous carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. 

Benefits to having it in your shampoo!
• Chlorophyll adds vitamins and antioxidants to our Voluminous Shampoo to deeply nourish the hair and scalp.
• Nutrient rich that promotes detoxing, the Voluminous shampoo is great for those who are looking to remove buildup or that have oily roots, as this is our best shampoo to extend time between washes.

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