Women walking on a beach with smooth silky hair braids


Happy August from Rahua!  Whether you’re traveling on the weekends, or you’re making the most out of your time in the sun, some days there’s just no time to do hair.
When we create our products, the first thing we consider is YOU!  We innovate based on your busy schedules and various regimes to deliver products that fit into your lifestyle.  We designed our Styling Collection to make doing hair easy, effortless and fun! 

Here we outline a guide to styling hair when you only have a few minutes to spare, or if the summer heat has you feeling lazy.

For Fine / Medium Hair Types

Step 1: Shake, puff and work in our Voluminous Dry Shampoo into the roots.
Cassava and cosmetic clay work together to remove grease while adding volume. 

Step 2: Flip hair upside down and mist our Enchanted Island Salt Spray from roots to tips, and then tousle for a casual, cool look.
The pink sea salt adds texture for voluminous hair that will hold.

 Tip: For more defined beach waves, braid your hair overnight. When you wake up, take out the braid, and mist our Enchanted Island Salt Spray from root to tip! Then tousle for effortless, easy beach waves.


For  Curly / Thick Hair Types

Step 1: Apply Control Cream on damp hair. Comb through and air dry.
Rahua oil and shea butter work together to prevent frizz and define curls for an effortless natural look.

 Step 2: When dry, Apply Legendary Amazon Oil to key areas to counteract frizz.
Rainforest grown oils induce shine and tame flyaways. 

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