Rahua Color Upkeep Solution: Achieve and maintain vibrant, lasting color


Achieving and maintaining vibrant, long-lasting hair color is a goal for many. As you embark on the path to vibrant, enduring hair color, listen to expert colorist, Andreas Kurkowitz's, a renowned colorist with over a decade of experience, practical advice: choose high-quality products tailored to your hair type and color, seek professional guidance, and embrace change confidently. Rahua Color Full™ Hair Care Collection provides the tools needed to preserve and enhance your hair color. It's time to step into the world with vibrant hair:

Begin your journey with the Color Full™ Shampoo and Conditioner, enriched with potent rainforest oils and our exclusive full spectrum color protection complex. These dynamic products safeguard and revitalize color-treated hair, all while enhancing the natural tones that complement your skin.

Take your hair to the next level with Rahua Color Full™ Glossing Mist, an instant clear mist that infuses life and radiance into both natural and color-treated locks. Our blend of Rainforest Grown Rahua, Morete, and Sacha Inchi Oils, along with the soothing essences of Blue Tansy Flower and Geranium Oils, acts as a clear gloss, bringing shine to your strands with just one application. It's a testament to our dedication to harnessing the power of nature for your hair's benefit. “Hair color can be completely protected with natural ingredients, including morete oil, rahua oil, lilac oil, and many more- ditch the chemicals” Co-Founder of Rahua, Fabian Lliguin says. 

Finally, immerse yourself in the Rahua Color Full™ Hair Mask, a powerful, plant-based, deep-conditioning treatment designed to revitalize and extend the life of color-treated hair. This concentrated, professional-strength mask combines Rahua and Morete Oils with enriching Lilac clay, delivering results that go beyond expectations.

In the world of beauty and fashion, the desire to keep hair vibrant and expressive has met its match with Rahua Color Full™ Hair Care Collection. This thoughtfully curated range celebrates life and color, aiming to elevate and complement all hair shades, allowing your natural radiance to shine through.

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