Rahua classic shampoo with Amazon oil and elixir


Feed your hair with plant-powered vegan daily care. This nutrient rich trio creates ultimate health for your hair, from the inside out. 

Handmade, rich Rahua Oil and used by Indigenous Women of the Amazon Rainforest and can be found  in all of our Classic Collection products.

Women with long black hair

Start with Rahua Elixir:

Woman holding opened rahua elixir bottle

Liven up dull hair naturally, with scents of fresh, woodsy Palo Santo oil, Rahua Elixir is an ultra-concentrated deep treatment to help heal, hydrate, and transform. Crafted with 100 percent pure handmade Rahua oil, this powerful and luxurious hair and scalp treatment delivers dramatic results. Rub a single drop in your hands, then massage into your hair leaving a supremely healthy and naturally radiant finish.

Next is our Award-Winning Classic Shampoo and Conditioner:


Rahua classic shampoo and conditioner with sea salt blocks


This is the start of your hair care journey. Formulated with pure, sustainably sourced ingredients, Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner are a fortifying daily care duo that leave hair soft, smooth, and silky, in preparation for a destination of gorgeous, luxurious hair.
Ultimate hair nutrition starts at the source (your scalp). Begin your hair care routine with the Rahua Classic Shampoo. Omega 9 rich Rahua Oil naturally scents your new shampoo and conditioner with the fresh and woodsy aroma of Palo Santo. This cult-favorite formula is concentrated to keep your scalp health balanced, making it ideal for all hair types.
Rahua classic shampoo bottle with refill pouch
Next with cleansed hair, apply Rahua Classic Conditioner. This formula enriches the hair delivering lustrous, rich, and ultra hydrated hair. Another Omega 9 filled product acts as your detangler. Exotic extracts maintain stronger hair and a healthier scalp. This conditioner can also be used in small doses as a lightweight styling cream to smooth, tame frizz, and add hold.
Opened rahua classic conditioner refill pouch
Together, this fortifying, restorative set leaves har luminous, clean, and glowing. It centers the heart of the hair, bringing a healthy hair finish. From excessively oily to dry and damaged, these curative hair care products keep balance and set you up for long term healthy hair and scalp benefits.

Legendary Amazon Oil:

rahua legendary amazon hair oil poured on the glass

Is your hair feeling dry, damaged, and dull? Liven it up with our signature oil that will bring energy to tired strands. Hair instantly shines with luster whilst diligently banishing flyaways, and mending split ends. A blend of nurturing plant and flower oils, not silicones, deliver a beautifully smooth and glossy finish. Rainforest grown Rahua, Sacha Inchi, and Morete oils treat strands and prevent frizz. Apply daily for health and shine.

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