An escape to paradise on earth inspired by the magical Galapagos Islands.
This nourishing tropical collection strengthens hair while adding vibrancy and shine as you take in the exquisite aromas of guava and coconut.


The Pink Flamingo Project

10% of proceeds from the rahua Enchanted Island Collection allow us to protect and preserve miles of Galapagos coastal areas, Rahua works with locals to clean coastline and beaches of thousands of plastic bottles and plastic entrapment fibers that wash ashore. This work is keeping vital habitats and nesting grounds clean for flamingos, penguins, marine iguanas, sea birds and more. We are actively stopping damage to these local, pristine and scientifically important islands -- ensuring continuation and survival of this vibrant Galapagos coastal area.


Rahua’s Enchanted Island™ Collection marks the debut of new PCR sand-color caps as the next step in rahua’s long-term sustainability commitment.