Our Commitment to Authenticity


 Rahua by Amazon Beauty is committed to adhering to our high standards of safety, performance and

quality for all the natural and organic products that we develop, manufacture and sell.


 When buying any natural or organic product, it’s especially important that you make sure to

purchase them from reputable and authorized sources.


 We invite you to experience our wonderful products. You may purchase them at our on-line 

flagship,, or from any of our specially selected and authorized retail partners around the

world (specialty beauty stores, salons, specialty boutiques, department stores, and e-commerce sites).

Our authorized retail partners have been approved and trained by the Rahua team.


 We stand behind our products when they are purchased from our specially selected retail partners.

Click here  for a complete listing of authorized retailers.


 We do not guarantee the authenticity of Rahua products purchased from unapproved individuals,

street vendors, internet auctions, or other unauthorized stores or online retailers.


 Amazon Beauty Inc. is a privately held company based in New York City, we have no affiliation with and we are not responsible for products purchased from or any vendor 

outside of our approved, authorized retailer list.